December 30, 2012

End of Year Thoughts

The year is ending and I know I should post some thoughts about its passing and such. Honestly, though, I have no idea what to make of it. In the end, it was just chaotic. 

I was a bad year in many ways, but also a year of random achievements. The previous year was also that, with the badness being so bad by the end it was a wonder I didn't end with it as well. This one wasn't as bad as that, or perhaps it was but I'm just innured by now. 

That wasn't why I started writing and it's not the best way to begin a post, so back to more cheerful things. I don't know why it descended like that in the first place. 

This year I read more books. Good thing! I also managed to bring more people into the Whovian world. Great thing! I participated in projects and events and met so many people by it. Excelent thing! 

The scope of my social reach is somewhat more expanded, albeit in the fandom fields, but that's something. After all, who isn't part of a fandom, whatever it may be? That's another thing I learned. Everything's a fandom. Everywhere, no matter where, there are people following or shipping something in a fan status, whether it be a show, an idea, a political view, a religion. And every fandom defends their own views against all other fandoms. In the end, we're all fandoms. We're all for or against something in a fanatical fashion, whether we realise it or not. But that's ok, so long as we know this and respect that other people don't share our fandoms and instead have their own. The sadness arises when someone tries to impose their own fandoms on others (I'm being metaphorical here, please take it to any part of life you wish to expemplify). I call it sadness because that's what it is, something that creates sorrow, something that causes pain. And ultimately, something that makes the perpetrator a sad excuse of a human being. 

I was going to mention something specific but I think I'll leave it to be taken however anyone wants to take it. It'll be a better way to know how the mind works than to direct it to a specific subject. 

So. Having randomised my post like this, I bid you all farewell.

Until the new year arrives.

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